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Where Beauty Meets Precision

At Serenity Spa & Lash Decor, we believe that every individual is a canvas of beauty waiting to be enhanced. Step into our world of lashes and nails, where we blend artistry with precision to bring out your unique style. Come join us, sit back and relax and let us take care of all your beauty needs at a single stop shop. 

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377-4 South Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview, NY 11803 

By Appointments only 

Pink Sugar


We are seeking experienced and motivated nails and lash technicians.

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Cat-eye Gel Nails 

Glamorous nails keep your stress away 

Facial Massage 

Your facial tissue will have better circulation after a facial massage, giving your skin a more radiant, young appearance. Additionally, by lifting and firming the skin, facial massages can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. A quality face massage also helps you feel calm and relaxed by reducing stress.

$50 for 30 minutes & $90 for 60 minutes

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar
Our Works
glam look of our customer xen sams. lash extension and nails done by serenity spa/ lash decor
individual lash extension which helps with beauty enhancement!
lash lift
Cashmere lash extensions
eyelash extensions
lash refill
super silky lashes extension
lash lifting
lash lift and lash tint
lash extension before and after
wispy lash
Lash Extension
Lashes extension
lifting and tint
Xen Sam Lashes
lash lifting and tinting
flower nail design
nail art
dip manicure
powder manicure with extension and nail art
ombre powder manicure with extension
gel manicure with design
uv gel manicure with nail art
uv gel french manicure
powder manicure with design
nexgen manicure
sns manicure with french
uv gel mani with nail art
powder manicure with extension and diamonds
dip manicure sns
uv gel manicure extension with nail art and diamonds

"Best nail salon on the UES. My wife has been coming here for years. I have enjoyed pedicures, and as a man, I think they do a great job and don't make me feel awkward being there. Everything is very hygienic and new. Good magazine selection and no blaring TV like cheaper places."

Peter (yelp)

From Our Clients

"I got my eyelashes done for my brother's wedding, and every single woman stopped me and asked me where I got them done! I did not expect to love them so much! I am getting ready to go back and get my eyebrows done, and a touch up for my lashes. Rosa was so amazing and really careful."


"This place is just awesome. I got a gel manicure and pedicure, also my eyebrows done. Everyone was so nice. While my nails were drying, the girl stood behind me and gave me a massage. I was in heaven. I live pretty far from this place, but Ill take a drive down there anytime for the customer service."

Jennifer (yelp)

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(212)-734-9800/ (212)-734-6888

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